Contract Growing

We custom grow plants shrubs, grasses and wildflowers and would be happy to talk with you about your project.  Custom growing is done for both large projects and for projects requiring source identified plant material.  Species are propagated from seed or cuttings. Please contact us for prices.

  • seed/cutting collection – seed availability is typically in late summer, cuttings generally in early spring to early summer
  • growing timeline – allow adequate time to grow plants to required size
  • pot sizes – consider how large you want root systems to be prior to out planting


Contract Growing – Terms and Conditions

Minimum order:
The minimum order for a custom grow contract is $500.

BNP requires a nonrefundable deposit of 33% of the total plant order price (excluding shipping) on all custom grow orders.  Remaining balance is due 30 days after order is shipped. If the contract is completed as written, the deposit is always taken off the last invoice(s) for the project, not the first.

Plant propagation for custom grows will begin after deposit is received.

Terms are 30 days NET.  Past due accounts are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance.

If customer cancels plant order after propagation is underway, BNP will retain the deposit(s).

Maintenance fees:
Although we understand that projects are often delayed for a variety of reasons, we are unable to absorb the financial loss from material that is lost or damaged due to delays. Our standard maintenance rate is 5% of the total contract amount per month. This fee usually starts on the first day of the second month after delivery was supposed to occur (we usually grant a 30-day grace period.)

Maintenance periods are not indefinite. Each contract is given a final end date after which the deposit will be forfeited and immediate payment in full for the total outstanding amount will be due.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, plants will be delivered to a designated site on the date established in the contract. 48-hour notice must be given of any changes.

Within 60 days of shipment, the customer agrees to return all conetainers, tubes, pots and trays to BNP. If not returned, the customer will reimburse BNP for the replacement cost of all containers not returned.

Plants are warranted to be in good condition at time of delivery.  No further warrantie are extended.

Customer has 2 days after receiving plants to notify BNP in writing (email) of any discrepancies or problems (must provide documentation verifying the claim).