Spring Cleaning in the Nursery

What's coming up now


Kathy and I have been cleaning up the nursery and the plants we overwintered.  The new hoop-house we put up last fall worked great and stuff is coming out looking green and ready to grow, despite the snow flurries we’ve been having.

Kathy in the nursery

If you haven’t already finished spring cleanup in your own garden, now is the time to trim back dead foliage from last year and rake off old leaves.  Don’t despair yet if it looks like stuff didn’t make it through the winter: some plants take a while to green up, especially with the cool weather we’ve been having.  Spring is a great time to mulch too; some of our favorite options are shredded or chipped bark, pine needles and compost.  We use compost mostly, since it gives the plants an extra nutrient boost, though we use pine needles in some areas too.  The demonstration garden is finally coming out from under its blanket of snow, so we plan on getting that cleaned up next.  The nursery officially opens on April 15, so come check out what we’ve got going on!  Call for directions at 406-244-5800.