Kathy Settevendemie


I’d love to talk with your organization about native plants and wildlife gardening.  I am passionate about what I do and enjoy sharing that passion!

I’ve presented at Audubon meetings, native plant society meetings, teacher workshops, local nurseries, state conferences, and wildlife organization meetings.  I regularly teach classes through the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula on gardening and landscaping with native plants.  I also give workshops at the nursery in Potomac.

Other possibilities include field trips, wildflower hikes, photography shoots, etc…  Let’s be creative and spread the word about the importance of native plants!

Presentations you might be interested in:

Choosing the Right Plant for Your Site –
Deciding which plants are appropriate for your site and which plants will be appropriate as the site matures is the most important element of planning a garden.  We’ll discuss various habitats and the native plants that will work in them.

From Weeds to Wildflowers –
Got weeds?  Strategies to control them and restore your site to native species.  No instant answers, but it CAN be done with diligence and a vision.

Gardening with Native Plants for Wildlife –
Low maintenance does not equal NO maintenance but we’ll discuss how to minimize your time caring for plants and maximize time you can enjoy your landscape.  Tips on pruning, mulching, reseeding and more!

Seeds: Harvesting to Propagation –
Ever considered harvesting your own seeds and growing your own native plants?  This talk is for you!  How to appropriately collect, clean, store, and propagate your favorite species.  This is generally an interactive workshop where we do some actual work with seeds and planting. Best in spring or fall.

Drought Tolerant Native Plants –
Maximizing the use of water is increasingly important and many of us are using native plants in our landscapes that use less water than horticultural varieties.  How to choose the best species for your site and determining appropriate care.

Growing a Native Garden –
How do I get started?  I know I want to use native plants, but don’t know much about them or how to plan my garden.  Avoid common mistakes we’ve all made by assessing your site and planning before you invest time and money on your garden.

Native Plants are For the Birds! –
Native plants are the best plants for our native birds! They provide nectar, insects and seeds for food, protective cover for roosting and nesting, and habitat.  Which plants in your area are best for attracting birds?  We’ll identify how to decide which species to select that will grow well and provide what birds need.

Incorporating Native Plants into Your Landscape –
Native plants fit into any garden, formal or informal.  This presentation helps you select plants that meet your gardening style and helps you determine how to keep them looking as lush (or not) as you want.  Increase attractiveness to pollinators by adding natives to your existing garden!

Pollinator Friendly Native Plants –
We’ve seen huge declines in pollinator populations in recent years. Not only is that bad for birds, plants and the environment, it’s bad for humans too!  This talk focuses on how to provide appropriate habitat and plants for birds, bees, butterflies, and more.

Rates vary by travel distance and length of presentation. Please contact me and I’d be happy to work out a fee with you, discuss presentation topics, etc…